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25 Dollar 1Up Review – Is it Scam? Must Read Before the start

25 dollar 1up is becoming the word of mouth, but what is it? Is it is an affiliate program, or it is just a scam scheme, you should try or not, and most importantly what the user that has been experienced says about this buzz. I will cover all the honest reviews and these topics in this article. Let’s get started:

What is 25 Dollar 1Up?

As the website of 25 Dollar 1 Up said, it is an affiliate program aim to change the life of any person. It is a reverse income program, in which the first time you need to deposit 35$ dollars in order to make your account the first time. Which include 10$ platform fee which they call hosting fee and 25$ are given to that person who referred you. Why it is called 25 dollars 1 up. They claim it is not any scram, it is a real affiliate program.

How 25 Dollar 1Up Works?

First, the time you need to deposit 35$ as we describe, the 10$ hosting fee and 25$ to your referee, next time you need to invite the people the same as you did. You invited one, deposit 35$ dollar. The 10$ dollar is for this platform and 25$ dollar will be yours. This process will be continued and it expands people to people. The important point is every 2nd person in your invited people will not be your reference their 25$ will be sent to the person who invited you.

Why is unique in 25 Dollar 1Up?

In this scheme, it is a direct payment scheme, which means when you sign up you only need to give 10$ dollar to the platform. The rest of 25$ you can directly give the person who invited you. There is no platform charge fee included. The person can directly handover the cash to refer a person or send by any of source. That’s why they called it’s a 100 percent commission platform. The Platform only charged you the first time, rest you can take money directly.

What they are selling product overview?

They offer 4 packages from 25$ dollar to 500$, all have extra hosting fee included according to the package, these are:

  1. Gold Level 25 $ Basic Fee
  2. Platinum Level 100 $ Basic Fee 
  3. Dimond Level 250 $ Basic Fee + 25 $ Software cost
  4. Platinum Level 500 $ Basic Fee + 50 $ Software cost 
25 Dollar 1Up
25 Dollar 1Up Pakages

These packages include the tutorials, cheat sheets, and marketing strategies to sell their product fast, and how to make the mind of other people. The all tactics of the mind mapping included that influence other people to join this scheme. According to the package plan from 25$ to 500$ the range of these things varies.

What is inside these tutorials?

In all of the packages which they named the products, only contain the stuff to make the reference to this network. They included the Facebook pre-written post, Instagram stories, twitter tweet, pre-written scripts, and screenshots of the earning proof. This kind of stuff only provided to entice the people to join this scheme. Which they named the digital product.

How much you can earn through the 25 dollar 1up?

This is an important fact, and I hope all of you are curious about the question of how much you can earn through this scheme. The short and sweet answer is it depends on your references, you refer 5 people you get 4 reference amount. If your account is gold level (25 $) it means you will earn 100$. The fifth reference earning will be sent to the person who referred to you as described earlier.

I hope you understand the scheme properly let’s take a look at the most important fact, they claim they are affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is the way of earning by promoting other’s company products. In affiliate programs, you need to generate sales for the company. Then the company gives you the commission on that sale that you generated for that particular company.

For example, you make affiliation on amazon, you write a blog on shoes. The people read your blog and purchase the shoes from your given link. Then you will get some commission on shoe profit.

In the 25 dollars 1 up the scheme, you need to promote their product, but where is the product they give you stuff to again promote their own business. More funny the product includes the content to expand their own network. There is no way to get benefitted to you in the product they provide to you. Hence, it proved that this is not any of the affiliate programs, because in an affiliate program you need a commission on selling someone’s product. But in that case, you buy their product and product again is their marketing mind map, think about it. 

What is the expert’s advice about the 25 dollar 1up?

According to some experts of the affiliate program, they raise some important points:

What is the product?

Because, there is no product to sell in this scheme, that why this is a pure scam. There is no product that you need to promote.

100 Percent Commission?

Because they offer 100 Percent commission, which means no influence of the company it is also against the affiliation system.

Money Circulation

The expert considers it is a money circulation scheme, in which you refer someone, he/she repeat the same process, and so on. But the key point is that every sign-up company gets 10$, they are interested to get money for themselves. There is not any buying and selling.

Credential Theft

There is a great risk of credentials that you provide for your sign up, like email, bank account, PayPal, etc. Because they have no support system and no online presence. They can misuse this data, as a result, you can face big trouble. Be aware of them. They provide no policy regarding that concern.

Short Term Business

This business will no remain long term because when it will influence the world level, the government should ban it because it is not any type of business you can consider. Be aware of that.

Is 25 Dollar 1Up Scam or Not?

As you can get the point, but here I give some points that clearly you can understand that it is a pure scam in a direct manner.

Is the company is registered?

You can see on their website, there is no contact form or any email address available to reach out to them. When click contacts us they provide the information we are V&G Global LLC, but there is no way to reach out. This means it is not a registered company that even has no team to handle the queries of the people.

Refund Policy?

In refund policy, they clearly stated that there is no refund policy. The more interesting is they do not guarantee any income, which is also a clue of this nature of business.

25 Dollar 1Up Return Policy
25 Dollar 1Up Return Policy

Support Team?

Every business has a support team, to serve the user but 25 dollars 1 scam sorry 1 up, has not any support team.

Official Advertisement?

There is no official advertisement found by anybody for this business, there is no webinar, presentation found, it is also a clue of fraud business.

My Team?

The CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos, everyone knows, Microsoft with Mark and any even a little business has a team and proper management. But no one knows about the CEO of 25 dollars 1 up and the exact team, the people who claim I am CEO has only 199 views on YouTube.

25 Dollar 1Up CEO
25 Dollar 1Up CEO

This is enough proof to consider this scam scheme.

Considering all the facts, I highly recommended to avoid these types of scams. Because these types of people only consider money as a first priority, not humanity. Due to the COVID-19 situation, there is a shortage of money and resources all over the world. If we indulged in these types of schemes we make fool ourselves as well as our loving ones. This is a chain scheme it can also affect the economy of the community. Because it is a money circulation scheme you give 25$ to your reference and you get from your invitation, and they get there and so on…

There are thousands of online ways to earn money, such as freelancing, start a blog, make a YouTube channel, or write a book on writing websites, and many more. Do something that makes you, your well-wisher, and your country proud. Dream big, grab a daily dose of motivation you will succeded one day. The most important when you will be succeeded you will satisfy, and all the people proud of you. So be careful of these money alligators like 25 Dollar 1Up, keep your credentials safe, stay happy, stay blessed.  

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