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Best 5g Phones of the World – The Future of Mobile Technology

What is 5g?

Presented the Best 5g Phones of the World but first, know about what is 5G? 5G is the latest wireless networking technology in the world. With the availability of 5g, Extreme Download Speeds could be achieved. 5g can download at 20Gb/s per second. 5g has revolutionized the world of the internet. Although it’s still partially available in some countries and other countries are working on it. Because 5g signal wavelength is only 1,000 feet, approximately 2% of 4g. To make this technology applicable signal towers should be placed at a close distance. 

Best 5g Phones

5g phones are gaining fame in the market with the development of technology. 5g sure offers good speed, but you can only take advantage of this when you have a supported device. I have shortlisted some of the best 5g phones in the market. Samsung is the most popular brand to launch the 5g phones. And there are many others like Oneplus, LG, Motorola. 

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung is the highest smartphone selling brand in the world. With the addition of 5G to Flagship phones its gotten more fame. The Galaxy series is the flagship range of Samsung which offers exclusive specifications and benefits. In 2020, Samsung has launched Galaxy S20. Which offers 120Hz AMOLED screen, Wireless charging, and waterproof architecture. Samsung S20 has three rear Cameras but S20 plus Ultra also has additional Flight-Camera.

Huawei Mate 20 X

Huawei is a Chinese cell phone brand which is the second-largest seller of mobile phones. Mate 20 X is a flagship series phone which has Kirin 980 (7 nm) chipset, Three rear cameras, and 7.2 inches OLED screen with Gorilla Glass, 42,00 Mhz battery.  Huawei is the world’s best 5g phone maker with 7 million 5G phone sales in 2019.

One Plus 8 Pro

It’s one of the best android phones available in the market. Great 5G phone for the money. Oneplus is cheaper than Galaxy S20 but offers limited 5G features. It offers a 120Hz display and Quad Camera setup including telephoto. With wired and wireless charging at high speeds.

LG Version 60 Thinq

5Its another 5G supported smartphone with dual-screen support.6.8 OLED screen main screen and also the second screen of 6.8 inches. Adding to its uniqueness this phone could fold like a book. Another unique addition of a headphone jack found rarely in flagship phones these days. A long-lasting battery, continuous 5G browsing for 13 hours. The rear cameras lack the telephoto lens and photo quality is not that amazing. But generally, it’s worth considering for its versatility.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

A 5G phone with an amazing camera. It features  Snapdragon 865 chipset. A 90Hz display of 6.67 inches. And a huge 4500Mah battery. The most appealing feature of this phone is its 108 MP rear camera.

How to Find Best 5G Phone for yourself

When choosing a 5G phone the first thing you should take care of is, the wireless carrier you will be using. Different service providers offer different 5G services. Like Verizon, which offers mmWave Based technology. So, if you are taking phone services from Verizon you should consider its availability on your phone. Talking about other carriers like AT & T and T mobile provides mostly coverage on sub-6Ghz technology and has few mmWave deployments. Sub-6ghz is not as fast as mmWave, but its range is wider. Verizon has faster speed, but less availability and T-Mobile has a long-range but low speed.

Aside from the phone network while purchasing a mobile phone you should look for the processor, display quality and size, Total storage and memory depending on your needs, Camera, and other specifications. The battery is most important as 5G drains much of a phone’s battery.

Price is also an intriguing and important aspect while buying a phone. Depending on your needs and wants. As the specifications improve, the price also increases. So, you should choose wisely while purchasing a phone, keeping in mind both the specifications and price.

Upcoming 5G Phones

The most awaited 5G launch of this year is the iPhone 12. Which is going to be released soon probably at the end of this month. iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first phone to offer 5G support. Other phones which are releasing this year include Sony Xperia 1 II, LG Velvet, Nokia 8.3, TCL 10, One Plus Nord.

The world is evolving day by day we should also evolve our self ! Hurrah

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