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Top 5 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners 2020 – Magic of Success

Searching for Best freelance websites for beginners? Worry about the job? Or you thinking about freelancing but don’t know how to start. Don’t worry you come to the right place. We provide you a complete pathway to start your journey. This is common to know the best freelance website for beginners, as you get started, but the right direction is much important. We provide a list of top 5 magic of success based on many expert’s advice for you to align your goal in the right way. Let’s start our magic way:


I hope you surprised to see Facebook at top of the list, but the fact is it deserves. As you want to just start your career but there is no experience, you imagine how anybody will give you the work to be done. The important factor is Facebook provides you a great chance to learn the market. You can evaluate yourself as, Is your skill is worthy? Or need to be more polish.

The question in your mind is but how Facebook will provide these benefits? The short and sweet answer is to join related groups of your niche. Suppose you are a writer, you want to get started as a freelance writer, you need to join content writing-related groups on Facebook to get the insight of market includes many things like:

  • What clients demand mostly
  • What is the way of dealing
  • Market Trend 
  • Is my skill good enough?

With the social media world, It also proves one of the best freelance websites for beginners who need to just start.


The people mostly consider the Linkedin is not for the beginners. They think it is a professional platform but the fact is, LinkedIn can be your swiss army knife. LinkedIn provides you to setup up your complete educational record as well as, make the portfolio of your achievement and work. This power of both your skill sets and your portfolio makes an impactful benchmark on your clients. This trick level up you apart of all the newbie. The bonus tip is that you can also use this platform to search for jobs.


The dream platform of many freelancers is Fiverr, it is considered the best freelance website for beginners. But the fact is it is also very competitive, a lot of people are serving as a freelancer at Fiverr.

How can you make a place on Fiverr? The best answer is to get in-depth knowledge of your skill before starting. We provide some important points to let you know before starting on Fiverr.

  • What is a gig?
  • Basic profile setting.
  • Working on the Fiverr guideline.
  • Less competitive services related to your niche. 

The gig is the service that you provide on this platform, you must know before getting started how to make an effective gig on Fiverr. The next step is guidelines and market research, the big mistake newbies make is that they provide similar services that have top-ranked, due to competition they didn’t succeed and lost their interest. Choosing less competition is sagacity.


In the list of best freelance websites for beginners, Upwork came at number four, Upwork is the heaven of the freelancer, it is a traditional freelancing platform. In other words, the buyer comes and list the requirement of the project. Then all the people with the related skillset send the proposal of that project. The client then decides the best fit for their project.

To start on Upwork, it is important to have experience of tip1 and tip2. This means you should have a strong portfolio on LinkedIn and have experience in the market on Facebook. This will prove the key factor to get success. The big mistake people make that they start with the Upwork without any experience and get disappointed.

5.Chose your station

If you already tested all the platforms, but still not get success, this is for you. This one is not a website but this is the turning point of your darkness into light. Mean to say if you chose Fiverr, but not succeed it doesn’t matter your career is ending, or same any other place.

Experts say don’t stick with one thing. Similarly, don’t stick with only one freelance platform there are hundreds of platforms available for you like freelancer, People Per Hour, etc. Try different ones until you succeed. As every person has his own taste, similarly every person can’t get success on the same platform.

We hope this article is helpful for you, Keep learning and keep earning. 

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