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Best Freelance Websites for Developers in 2020 – Read Before Develop

Best freelance websites for developers in 2020, every developer should know including you, are you looking for some well-paid, freelance jobs. Or finding someone to get your work done at a cheap price with good quality.

I have sorted a list of best freelance websites for developers. These websites will help you in finding a job or to hire someone for your work.

Most of the time you will hear that its difficult or time consuming to start a freelance career. You maybe need to do some investment in you to improve your skills. You will also need to make relations. At first, you will have to rate yourself low on freelance sites to build up your portfolio and make your name shine.

All of this is true but doesn’t mean that it’s too difficult. Just because its time consuming to make a freelance career. But not today. The list of freelance websites I have compiled will help you start your freelance career in a wimp.

Best Freelance Websites for Developers

1. Upwork

Upwork is a brand name in the field of freelancing. This site gets hundreds of jobs posted daily in every field. From content writing to development jobs and many more. Upwork is simple to start. Just begin by creating a profile and enter your skill level and details. And don’t forget to bid on jobs posted daily. The early you bid on a job the more your chances are to get a job.

2. Toptal

This freelancing site gathers around startups and businesses from all over the world and connects them with top freelance developers. Toptal has a testing system that tests every freelancer before adding them to their talent pool. By getting in the top 3 percent you will attain your position as a good freelancer and you will get more projects.

3. Guru

Guru is one of the pioneers of freelancing platforms. It’s somewhat similar to Upwork. On guru, you create your profile and after verification of your profile, you will be able to bid on different development-related projects depending on your skillset. Guru also has a project collaboration area on their site known as Work Room. Where freelancers and clients can communicate with each other and share project deadlines and milestones.

4. Freelancer 

As the name says, Freelancer. It is also a great freelancing website for developers. Freelancer allows you to bid on different projects posted by the clients and get hired as a freelancer. It’s somewhat similar to Guru and Upwork. 

5. Fiverr

It sounds like a fever, but its Fiverr. Fiverr has a unique architecture different than the typical freelancing websites. Fiverr has a gig-based system in which freelancers create gigs according to their skills. And clients hire them by checking their gigs. The more projects you will do, the more your gig will be ranked up.

6. People Per Hour

People per hour is a distinctive freelancing platform. What makes People per hour stand out from others is that it hosts different contests. It allows freelancers to add their job postings known as hourlies. The benefit of posting jobs, communicating with freelancers, and paying for an hourly basis makes this site a fantastic choice for interested employers searching for and examining freelancing candidates on their own.

7. Dice

It is a developed tech and IT job platform. Dice has a whopping 2.4 million visitor count in a month. Posting a job on dice is a little bit expensive than other sites. It costs around 400$ for a single job listing. However, it’s worth posting a job, the exposure your job will get will be more than justifying the price of the listing.

8. Codepen

A popular open-source code repository. With a pleasant user interface. It’s used by developers for coding in different tools like CSS, HTML, Javascript. Due to its popularity among developers, its job board may be used fully for employers to find talented and self-motivated developers.

9. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community of developers, by far the largest community of developers that competes Github. It is being used by developers as a resource to find coding solutions. Stack overflow’s job board gives incredible exposure to interested developers all around the world.

 10. Hired

Freelance sites help you to find developers easily and quickly. Hired helps you in finding software engineers and developers swiftly using their custom matching software. On Hired you can make company profile and seek freelancers using a specified search algorithm. And can also request to interview freelancers. The thing that’s awesome about Hired is that its great for searching professional developers who are finding new opportunities and have experience in relevance. Lots of candidates on Hired have a Minimum of two years of experience in their field. 

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