How facebook people you may know Work

How Facebook People You May Know Work? Find a Friend of Your Choice

How Facebook people you may know Work? Is it Mystery, don’t worry you know all about this in this article. As, Facebook a growing social networking website where you can create a profile and make friends. 

There are many ways to make friends on Facebook. But most common of them is Facebook People You May Know. It doesn’t matter which device you use a Computer, Laptop, or Mobile, it’s always there. This tool works by analyzing the social network you have. It’s an amazing tool with its own merits and demerits.

But there are reports that Facebook uses sensitive information to look for People You May Know. This is a thing that leads to privacy concerns for some users. 

“People You May Know” is actually what it seems like, a tool from that checks the profiles of other persons, the site thinks you probably have a link with. This tool is available at two locations. 

  • In the section where widget appears in the middle of your news feed.
  • The sub-section of your friend’s tab.

 This means that where you see your friends, Facebook is there to alert you with reminders of other persons you can add to your friend list.

Working of People You May Know?

This tool is a complex algorithm that works on analyzing your overall social circle or network based on Network Science. Complicated stats are used to get results about specific networks that include real-life and digital social networks.

Facebook also looks for contacts on your phone or mobile to find suggestions. Also where you went to school, where you go to Work. And other types of data or information you give to Facebook while signing up.

Frankly speaking, all of these is pretty straight forward and easy to be guessed by anyone. Facebook’s main goal is to keep you connected to people you may know so that you never leave their site.

People’s Findings on Facebook?

User 1

What I know about, Facebook could access anything on your device, Laptop, or mobile which consists of someone’s name. And will show it as People You May Know. I use Calendar for my appointments. Many of the people suggested to me by Facebook are those clients I have made appointments recently. I never searched for them neither they searched me. Similarly, as far as I can say these recommendations are not only based on searched data but also on the content of applications on your device.

User 2

I think Facebook has access to your Yahoo or Hotmail contacts and recommend people based on that because I have had my landlady pop up on mine. We have no mutual friends and I never met her before I rented the Flat. These cookies data of our browser and the history log is the catching point for Facebook to grab our related people.

Is there anything to be worried about how Facebook people you may know Work?

Facebook is extremely skilled in data mining and network science. If Facebook says they are not using location data they may be true. They may be telling the truth. As if some of the stories we have heard about Facebook people you may know may be true. And they are likely to be true and there’s only little reason they will not be true. Probably it’s time to start concerning your privacy.

The best way to keep Facebook from using your location is to disable location access. You should also check your phone for security that which contact relevant permissions are given to the application. Also, check for messenger permissions.

How to Disable the People You May Know Option?

Have you ever checked Facebook’s suggested friend’s category? You have noticed some random people who look familiar with your real friends. You may have seen those people some were.

How did they appear on your screen? According to CNET Facebook uses Geolocation data from your device and shows suggestions as friends from people who are nearby.

It seems a little strange that Facebook is tracking your location data. I hope you will cover How Facebook People You May Know Work? for PC, let’s dig into mobile.

For the mobile device the procedure will be:

Android Devices

Android devices are the most used devices now a day. A large population using these devices, and Facebook is the heart of the android device. It is said people more love to see their newsfeed of social media on mobile devices specialty android devices. How Facebook people you may know will be disabled in android it is simple, follow these steps:

You simply have to move to :

Settings -> Applications– > Facebook -> Permissions -> and Disable location.

Apple Devices

Apple is another big name in the mobile market, there are many techy guru’s belief in Apple, there is another big market of Facebook user. The method for apple devices is also similar to android. As you need to follow these steps:

To disable this feature in Apple IOS, go to 

Click Settings ->  Goto Privacy -> Select Location Services -> Select Facebook. Choose Facebook, select Location -> select Never from the list menu.

We Hope this written article will be helpful, we are glad to have a constructive feedback from your side, Thanks for Reading.

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