Importance of time

Importance of Time – Know Before it to Late the Value of Your Life

Talking about the Importance of Time it’s like talking about everything. Time has a critical role in our lives. When everything is done on time it seems good. But when something is not on time, whether due time or past time it loses its meaning of doing. A famous quote mentions 

“Time is Money”

Famous Quote- Unknown

Money is one of the most important things a person thinks of in his life. Parents also raise their children telling them that money is important. So does time. One doesn’t care about time, could not succeed in any moment of life. Time is like a lifeline. 

The people who gave importance to time have succeeded in theirs. A disciplined life is like nothing else. Things done properly on time brings you happiness. 

Time flows like water; it stops for nothing. Everyone should follow the time. The one who follows time succeeds , and the one who doesn’t follow time fails. 

It’s the utmost duty of parents to teach children the importance of time in their lives. Time is a great leveler; it clears every sorrow and pain with time.

Why is Time so Important?

Time is one of the most powerful and invaluable things in life more than money. It’s true if a person understands the importance of time, time also understands the importance of a person. If one destroys time, time will also destroy him.

Time is amazing; it has no start and no end. This is a very powerful thing with which objects born, grow, decrease, and destroy.

Value of time for the Life of a Student?

Time is very crucial for a student. The way you utilize it makes the time worth remembering it. The time spent building your career is remembered throughout life.

Time could make you or take you. Utilizing your time in building your career is a wise choice. Use your time in exploring new things, learning different skills. Do something creative, do what your passion is when you have time.

Knowing the Theory Behind the Importance of Time

You will never feel the importance of time unless and until you badly want something at that moment of time.

Some famous lines from a French Novelist Marc Levy about time,

  • Ask a student to know the worth of 1 YEAR  who just didn’t pass the exam.
  • To get the idea of 1 MONTH, ask a mother who’s baby born early and premature.
  • Ask the editor of the newspaper to get the worth of the 1 WEEK.
  • To get the idea of the 1 HOUR, ask any friend who is waiting for their lover.
  • Ask a person who just escapes from an accident to get the idea of the 1 SECOND.
  • The importance of 1 MILLISECOND realizes when we speak to a person who loses in the race competition.
  • To get the idea of the 1 MICROSECOND, ask NASA’s scientists about air space.
  • To get the value of the time of 1 NANO-SECOND, ask any Hardware Engineer. 

These lines truly explain the importance of time even if it’s only a second, millisecond, microsecond, or nanosecond.  

The essence of Time in our Daily Lives?

Time plays a notable role in our lives. It helps us to attain the best practices of life. It heals many of our problems and sorrow. Time heals everything whether external wounds or internal feelings. Life is too short to regret we should keep lessons from our failures and time is the best teacher at all.

Everyone should recognize the usefulness and significance of the time.

  • Time is the Best Healer. Time teaches us to forget and forgive and go beyond the damage that has happened to us.
  • We will be Less-Stressed if we know effective time management and we will be more productive.
  • Being punctual improves Self-Confidence and helps you build a good image.
  • No use striking the iron when it is cool, the right time is when it is hot.
  • Time is like a  golden chance. If it slips from our hand, it could never be back again.
  • It is fate, it is history and civilization. Nothing is beyond time. People want to gain success, happiness, and fame. But only a few have these because they know the value of time.
  • We need to wait for the right time to get the things to happen, rushing over things can make it worse. Having Patience is necessary to get the best of everything.

Make your life a better life learn by developing your self, learn new things, and stay happy!

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