Is YouTube going to ban

Is YouTube Going to Ban in Pakistan? – The Final Decision

Is YouTube going to ban in Pakistan? Youtube is the most popular streaming media entertainment site by Google. Millions of people watch and upload videos on YouTube. There are people who earn money by uploading different types of content on YouTube like Gameplays, Reviews, Lifestyle Vlogs, Technology, News, and many more.

Reason for YouTube YouTube going to ban?

Yesterday The Pakistan Supreme Court gave a hint on banning YouTube in Pakistan. After hearing a case of a man involved in a sectarian crime. A supreme court judge said that we have no objection to freedom of expression. And our salaries are paid from the money of people and they have the right to question our decisions and our performance. But they said that the constitution also grants us privacy and we have the right to protect it.

Further, they mentioned that the family members of Judiciary are scrutinized on youtube.

The Supreme of Pakistan also asked that the PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Association and FIA Federal Investigation Agency, has taken an action against those happenings on Youtube where Judges are being harassed and mocked. 

An official from PTA explained to the court that Pakistan Telecommunication Association can only report objectionable content but can’t remove it.

Another Supreme Court Judge mentioned that YouTube is banned in many countries around the globe. And in some countries, social media is being supervised by Laws. 

Is Banning YouTube a Good Option?

Is YouTube really going to Ban? important to know let’s start. If there is a problem in the system, it should be fixed rather than ending the whole system. Like there are University students who harass other fellow students but that doesn’t mean that the University should be closed. A rule should be devised against those students. 

And the same rule applies to Youtube. Instead of banning the whole website, an AI-based mechanism should be devised to control and ban those people who upload corrupt and irreverent data.

Youtube is a great source of Information and Knowledge for many people. And most importantly there are teachers who upload lectures on Youtube to educate students and it’s a huge benefit for students during this time of the pandemic.

Rather than focusing on the bad effects of YouTube, the benefits should also be considered. And a mechanism should be built which could only remove the objectionable content, rather than banning the whole website

Benefits of YouTube

Free to Use

Youtube is free to use. Anyone can use it without paying any money. There is a limitless benefit that we get benefitted from daily life.

Easy to Use

The interface of youtube is easy and simple to use for everyone. And no computer skills are required to access it.

Earn Money

It gives you the opportunity to earn money by uploading videos of your content. To earn money from youtube an Adsense account is required. And there are some other methods you can use like Affiliate links, Selling digital products, Sponsorship, Merchandise, and products, offer services.

Spread Information Worldwide

With YouTube, information can be shared with many people in moments of time. You can upload motivational videos, study guides, product reviews, scientific knowledge, Knowledge about computers, and other things.

Disadvantages of YouTube

Open to Public

Youtube is a free and open to public platform anyone can watch your videos even without signing in. And as anyone can upload videos, a problem can occur related to copyright and privacy concerns.


Same like many other social media platforms there are some rules and regulations which limit us what we can do with our channel. What type of things you can post on your channel and how it looks.

Any add can be shown on your video

This means that anyone can put an ad on your video related to anything which could annoy your viewers.

An account could be disabled on Violation

If you break youtube rules your account can be disabled. If 

  1. If the videos you have posted are against Terms of Service and community guidelines.
  2. If you have an obsession with others. Such as harassment, spam, and bad comments.
  3. If your videos are continuously mentioned for claims copyright.


Regarding the ban, the Government and authorities should consider benefits rather than disadvantages and if there are more bad things then good one’s Government should encourage people to upload good content in order to reduce the spam, corrupt and fake content. 

And authorities should take action against those spammers to make this a good platform for people. Rather than banning the whole site.

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