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Top 10 Freelancing Writing Websites- Write and Start Earning Now

Bored with your hectic job and want to end?We provide you the best freelance writing sites, that can pay for your words.

So, you will be thinking about what to do instead that will be easy. And could be done from the comfort of your home and you get even paid well for doing so.

I have brought you some of the best freelance writing websites that pay well. Before going to the list I want to explain what is Freelance Writing.

What is Freelance Writing?

This is a way of writing for money while working on your will. Freelance writers write, what type of text is needed by the customer or client while working from their own desired place. Content writers have lots of different clients or customers. There may also be a single client that has some long term job. Writers could work in many areas on freelance sights like Proof Reading, Copywriting, Blog Writing, Book Writing, Article Writing.

Best Freelance Writing Sights?

Get start with the best freelance writing sites:

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the top-ranked freelance websites.  A lot of jobs are posted on Upwork on daily basis among them there are various types of writing jobs. On Upwork, there are jobs for every skill level from beginner to advanced. The method of working on this site is to do bidding on jobs posted daily. 

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an awesome place for freelancers to reveal their talent. It’s a pleasurable place to work as you have the freedom of choosing what type of gigs you want to make. You also get reviews on your gig on completing orders that increase your rank on Fiverr. And to get work on projects all over the world. 

3. Contena

Contena is a premium freelance writing platform. They have an amazing job board. And they also have different courses and a teacher to help you improve your writing. It’s very easy, to begin with just create your profile on Contena. And wait until you will be notified when Contena pro-registration is open. 

4. nDash

Break the ice with nDash as a writer. You can also use your LinkedIn profile to create a profile on nDash. This is like a dashboard to manage and organize your potential clients. And to get writing ideas, work on assignments, finding business, and job ads.

5. Writers Work

Its also a freelance writing site but is less expensive than Contena. You can create a profile and add your previous writing samples in your profile. And you can also share them with others.

Writers’ work is a pocket-friendly website in only 15$ per month. And you can also pay for one time in only 47$ and it’s awesome for everyone new to writing.

6. Creative Circle

Its also a freelance writing website, kind of like a recruiting site. They connect creative writers on their platform. This site also has a job area, but it’s dependent on your location. To see what type of editing or copywriting gigs are available. They also have job alert feature that makes it a lot easier to find jobs. 

7. Robert Half

Robert Half is a type of recruiting site for freelancers. And it’s free. Just type your desired writing job like article writing, blog writing. And see what’s there for you on this writing site. Lots of these jobs are remote-based or local gigs. You can always check for if there’s a need for a freelance writer.

8. Medium

Medium is a great place for writers to make writing samples and it’s also free to create a profile.

To start, first, you have to sign up for their partner’s program. It’s available for free to use. And by monetizing your profile you can earn money. Another way to get money for your writing is to find a publication that will pay you for your work.

9. Glassdoor

It’s one of the best writing sites for freelance writers. They also have a job board and they also share salaries and information about other companies. You first have to sign up on the website to access its feature And also sign in with your social media account. After signing in you can look for different writing jobs.

 10. Artisan Creative

Artisan Creative is also a creative freelance writing site. This website has an open area and a form you can fill. if you want to match potential gigs on Artisan Creative. This website is also dependent on location. Their job board contains all types of freelancing jobs so it may be a bit time taking to find a freelance writing job.

We hope this will be helpful, If you new to freelance must read our Top 5 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners 2020 – Magic of Success , Thanks

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