Why Exercise is Important

Why Exercise is Important? Know to Boost Your Daily Life Routine

Exercise is the physical movement of the body or muscles that burn calories. There are many types of physical exercises like Running, Walking, Swimming, and Gym sessions. Having an active life improves your daily routine. And plays an important role in boosting your health. In this article, I will explain Why exercise is important for everyone.

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is a vital element in our lives. Adding some exercise or physical activity to your daily routine is like adding magic in your life. Like, it magically improves your health and adds charm to your personality. Defends your body from different illnesses by improving the immune system. 

Advantages of Exercise?

It Helps Control Weight

Regular exercise helps you maintain your weight or helps to lose weight. The more you exercise more calories are burned. And it helps losing extra weight. Maintaining normal weight helps coup many health problems and improves the overall look of your body.

Exercise Decreases the Risk of Disease

Exercise keeps your cardiovascular system healthy. It also prevents other diseases by boosting the immune system. Regular exercise prevents damage to body organs. Keep you fit as a fitter, this is the way to keep your self away from the doctors. There are many diseases that can be overcome by just doing it. It includes:

  • The Heat Strokes
  • Any kind Syndrome
  • Rise of Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Laziness
  • Block Thinking

Boost Your Self

The exercise not only puts the positivity of the psychological aspects. But also the biological factors of the body. Most of the chemicals of the body refresh when we do exercise. This refresh affects internally to our organs, and that why we feel so special all day.

  Which helps improves mood and fight emotional stress. When you exercise daily, you start to feel better about your appearance. Which increases self-esteem and uplift your confidence, to make your time productive.

Increase Stamina and Endurance

Did you lose your breath doing household work?. Physical practice daily helps improves Stamina and increase Endurance. Exercise increases muscle strength. By doing regular training sessions your cardiovascular and lungs health improves which supplies more oxygen to body cells and thus improves your physical strength.

Helps to Sleep Better

Having struggles sleeping? By doing a bit of exercise daily you can overcome sleep problems. But take care of one thing that doesn’t exercise vigorously before too close to bedtime. 

It Makes You Happy

Exercise and physical activity could be fun. Takes you out from your thinking. It helps you to relax and unwind. Physical activity connects you with friends and improves the bond. When you are happy, everyone seems happy this is the fact. Even happiness is internal, not external.

Makes Your Brain Strong

A sound body has a sound mind. Exercise helps improve brain functions. It keeps the memory and thinking cells in good condition. As it helps improve the flow of all parts of the body including Brain. Blood cells carry oxygen to Brain which improves brain functioning and relieve stress.

It Reduces Pain

Chronic pain is hard to bear but exercise may help reduce pain. Several studies show that activity reduces chronic pain in different people. It improves their quality of life. The practice also decreases pain perception and increases pain tolerance. Studies show that could also help control pain related to different health problems. Such as low back pain and some other conditions.

Types of Exercise

Some common types of exercises that make you your better version of your self, these include:


Anything that increases the rate and makes breathing fast. It is considered to be cardio. Cardio exercises could be divided into further two types:

  • Moderate Cardio

This includes walking, Brisk walking, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming.

  • Intense Cardio

Intense cardio involves running, Brisk Walking up hills, Swimming laps.

Strength Training

Strength training refers to any type of activity, that uses resistance to build muscle strength. This is the most effective one to boost your life.

Flexibility Training

Exercises that work on improving the flexibility of muscles. Exercises that focus on maintaining and improving the passive range of motion.


HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It involves doing intense laps of walking followed by rest sessions.

How much Exercise is Needed weekly?


Minimum of 150 minutes of moderate cardio workout per week. Or alternatives 75 minutes for intense cardio. And could be a combination of both. This amount of running is minimally required to keep yourself healthy. As you can increase working time and intensity according to your health condition and stamina.

Strength Training

It includes exercises that involve major muscle groups. This must be done two or more days a week. It makes you punctual. This habit will help you with all the other routines of your life as well.

For More Advantage of Exercise

For added benefits, you could increase cardio to 300 minutes for a minimum. It intense cardio for 150 minutes per week. This is a great wealth symbol.


Exercise has enormous benefits that improve every aspect of Health. Like that it also increases the production of hormones that make you feel happy. It improves skin color. And also helps to reduce weight. Which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improve heart health.

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