Why PUBG Banned in Pakistan

Why PUBG Banned in Pakistan? Big News of Hope for PUBG Fans

Why PUBG Banned in Pakistan? before moving towards the ban and impacts of PUBG on our lives let’s start with a brief introduction. PUBG Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds is an extremely popular First Person Shooting game among teenagers. From the last few years after the release of PUBG. This game has taken much fame and popularity. 

It was first released for Windows via stream in 2017 and then for Xbox and in September 2018 a free version of the game was released for Android and iOS.

PUBG is one of the pioneers of Battle Royale gaming. In Battle Royale players drop on land which consists of a total of 100 people and the Last one standing wins the match.

Players Unknown Battle Grounds is an addictive game, nowadays everyone from children to Teenagers to adults has taken an addiction to it. As a famous quote says:

“Excess of everything is bad”.

Famous Quote

Giving too much time to gaming like spending hours and hours simultaneously sticking to a screen is not a good habit. This has many social and psychological effects on our lives.

Why PUBG is prevented in Pakistan?

Pakistan temporarily banned PUBG due to its addictiveness and some reported cases of suicide. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned PUBG due to its influence on the life of a teenager. They consider it is totally wastage of time, and most of the students are the most addicted to this game. They are many hostile students indulge in this flawless game, and they stuck out of their academic life, the only cause of this PUBG. And harms the children physically and psychologically.

Some cases of suicide, related to PUBG has also been disclosed in media reports. Lahore High Court has also directed the attention of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to handle the issue. And settle the matter after hearing the complainants. For this matter, a court hearing is being scheduled for the 9th of July 2020.

The country’s top telecommunication authority also decided to take feedback or queries of the public concerning the said online game. Any feedback in this regard could be given on [email protected] by July 10, 2020.

Social Impacts of This PUBG Game:

Wastage of Time

The average match of the game takes about 20 to 40 minutes. And as a First-Person Shooting game its unable to break concentration from the screen as every move is to be taken cautiously according to the situation. So, it interprets our understanding of the real world.

Lacking Human Interaction

PUBG players try to avoid family and get-togethers as they can’t achieve satisfaction as they get while playing the game alone in their comfort. And they slowly start to cut off themselves from their surroundings and start to isolate themselves just of the sake of some alone time for playing the game. This creates uneasiness and tension for those people who are attached to them especially for parents.


Laziness is one of the worst habits of humans that stops people from doing important things in time. And especially when playing games sticking to a sofa or couch for a long time develops a lazy nature in gamers. It also causes obesity which leads to several health problems. There are causes of some people who play games for hours and even a day or two sitting in one place without eating or drinking. This leads to a drastic effect on their health and could lead to Death.

Threats and Violence in Real Life

It’s an interactive game as many players are involved and the team has to interact frequently to help each other to fulfill their goal. In that way, continuous aggression and abuse could lead to an interchange of contact information and threats. As the game requires human killing and using arms, it seems to be like something that increases the spirit for violence. Some players have reported that they feel like to fight more aggressively after playing the game even if they don’t want to.

Psychological Impacts of Playing PUBG

Aggressive Behavior

Could you recognize the negative energy of an addicted PUBG player? They seem to get upset very easily as they are completely absorbed in the game. And if the others try to step-in the response is both abnormal and aggressive. A lost game has its annoying effects and anger. That changes how a person should react to different events happening afterward.

Low Focus

Even when they are not playing the game they think about it. In which way they can improve their skills? What plan or strategy to make to win? It is a persistent engagement that makes gamers unable to concentrate on their important chores. Some PUBG players reported dreaming about the battlefield and being into the game. They also described how their mind is always alert to the unconscious threat of being terminated as if in the game.

Increase in Aggression

Whenever for some reason if they are being stopped to play the game. Or at someplace where obligatory resources are not available to play the game or when facing persistent defeat and so are disheartening to continue playing, they get depressed. They do not even feel the eagerness to do anything as they seem to lack attentiveness in all things and are unable to replace the game with anything else. They frequently don’t realize what to do when not playing the game. There are also some cases of suicide attempts after playing the game, in Pakistan and India.


After discussing the social and psychological effects of PUBG and overuse of the game, unnecessarily. And misuse of time playing the game. Sticking to the mobile screen for hours. At last, the suicide attempts by people after playing the game is an unforgettable loss of the nation. In my opinion, PTA has taken a good decision to ban the game. We should spend our time productively such as learn new skills and technologies of the modern era.

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